1. Are the prices quoted per person or per room?
    All the indicated prices are per room.
  1. Do the apartments have private bathrooms?
    Yes, each room has a private bathroom supplied with a shower.
  1. Are pets allowed?
    Yes, we even accept their masters if they behaved well! Jocks aside, pets are welcome under the condition that there are not left alone in the room.
  1. Do you provide of air conditioning?
    Yes, we supply of air conditioning.
  1. What is supplied in the room?
    Each room has its set of whites and bath towels. You will also be supplied of a shower gel, soap, a hair dryer, a TV and a detailed map of the city centre.
    Free wifi in every room.
  1. Is there an daily cleaning service?
    The cleaning of the rooms is done on daily basis; we are at your disposal for any types of requests.
  1. What kind of guests do you host?
    Travelers, tourists, families, workers and students. Our clients are generally of all ages who look for an informal and simple environment.
  1. Is there Wi-Fi?
    On your arrival, you will be given a password for a free wifi connection, which will be accessible even in your room.
  1. Is it allowed to smoke?
    In order to respect the well-being of future guests you are not allowed to smoke in the rooms.
  1. What are the check-in and check-out hours?
    The check-in is generally between 8.00-12.30 and 15.00-20.00. After having communicated the arrival time, you must make a phone call one hour before the arrival time. We are available to do the check-in even in other times if necessary as long as the request has been communicated.
  1. Can I leave your luggage on the day of departure?
    If reservations are not made for your room on the check-out day, we will leave you the room till you need it. In any case, we will keep your luggage in our reception. You can return for their withdrawal any time you want.
  1. Can I pay by credit card?
    We accept credit cards, debit cards or prepaid cards. However since we have high commissions, we prefer the payments to be in cash.
  1. Is the structure accessible to disabled people?
    Unfortunately, our structure is not accessible for disabled people.
  1. How can I reach the BNB and park the car?
    You will find the directions on our website.
  1. How can I reach from the train station?
    You will find the directions on our website.
  1. How can I reach the BNB from the airport?
    You will find the directions on our website.
  1. Where can I rent a bike?
    We rent our bikes for 7 euros per day.
  1. How can I book?
    Send us a request through our website. We will reply as soon as the room is available for the requested period without any commitment. After that, you should confirm your reservation.
    We accept requests for information and reservations by phone!
  1. Do I have to send a deposit?
    Only for long-term stays (arrivals booked more than one month away …). During the booking process, we will send you all the deposit information.