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Ferrara and its surroundings

Art and nature in harmony

Ferrara represents a harmonious combination of historic architecture and breathtaking landscapes.
And the surroundings are no exception.

There is a thematic path for everyone, you just need the desire to discover new fascinating places and sometimes pristine, perfect for bike paths.


Comacchio is a beautiful town on the lagoon and is the heart of the Park of the Po Delta. The numerous bridges, the beautiful San Pietro, and the colorful houses make it look like a miniature Venice. Comacchio also boasts the majestic Cathedral of San Cassiano and the characteristic Red Tower. In addition, it is home to one of the “Museum of Taste” throughout the Emila Romagna: Manifattura dei Marinati where eels are processed into a gourmet food and shipped all over the world.


The well-kept and elegant buildings, the picturesque old town and some events not to be missed have made Cento very well known. The Rocca and the Porta Pieve, testimonies of the ancient defensive walls, are very beautiful. In the historical centre you can admire the cheerful Municipal Theatre dating back to the mid-1800s


The charming town of Voghiera is home to several churches really interesting for the historical testimony they tell. For example, not to be missed is the ancient parish church of San Leo, which was the seat of the first diocese in Ferrara. In Voghiera you can also find the Delizia Estense di Belriguardo, the richest and most sumptuous Este residence. Moreover, Voghera is also renowned for cultivating dop garlic, a great hero of Ferrara's traditional cuisine.


The green and cheerful town of Portomaggiore boasts a well-kept and characteristic city centre. Of particular interest is the Delizia Estense del Verginese, a 16th century Este residence. The parish church of San Michele Arcangelo, dating back to 1970, is characteristic and has Romanesque lines. Also worth a visit is the Archaeological Museum where you can find the surprising findings of the excavations that took place in 2002 at the estate adjacent to the Delizia Estense del Verginese.


The charming town of Bondeno boasts a charming fortress. The Rocca Possente in Bellaria is a cultural centre with truly interesting temporary exhibitions of great emotional impact. In addition, in Bondeno there is also the ancient home of the poet and playwright Ludovico Ariosto.


Corigoro is one of the municipalities that make up the eno-gastronomic itinerary "Strada dei Vini e dei sapori - La via del grande fiume";. Here stands out among all the many centers of interest the beautiful Abbey of Pomposa, dating from VI-VII. Inside there are frescoes in Giottesque style and a suggestive mosaic floor made of marble inlays.


Goro boasts the characteristic of being the ideal habitat for a wide variety of fish species, among which the clam is very appreciated. Equally tasty but not as famous as the clams of Goro there is also the typical variety of mussels. To visit instead there is the Palù Tower, dating back to the early eighteenth century.

The Po Delta Park

The Park embraces various municipalities and contains museums, ancient residences and towers of important historical and cultural value. Just to give a few examples, worthy of note are the Ecomuseum of Argenta and the Museum of the Territory of Ostellato. The Po Delta Park is one of the largest areas in Italy to host species of flora and fauna, a true paradise of biodiversity.

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