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Ferrara, my advice

A cycling city

Ferrara lives resisting to the time and mode: is a timeless city, a symbol of the wonderful richness of the province. The itineraries below are only suggestions to help you discover the most possible to this ancient and magical city.

It is a city to turn in the long and wide with calm, savoring every detail of the historical and natural beauties, enjoying the games that the light makes on the stone of the imposing ancient monuments.

Itinerary of 3 days

A quiet weekend with the house of Este

Day 1:

  • Breakfast at the Pasticceria Roverella. 100 metres from the Bed&Bike is one of the historical pastry shops of the city.
  • Visit to Palazzo Costabili of the husband of Beatrice d'este: a true architectural masterpiece, with a large courtyard of honour, the gardens, the harmonious and the lavishly frescoed. To visit the Treasure Room.
  • Lunch at Schiaccia Via San Romano.
  • Visit to the monastery of Sant'antonio in Polesine , founded in the THIRTEENTH century. Still today you can listen to, early in the morning, the mass with gregorian chants, or visit the church interior is accessible, usually, only to the nuns.
  • Evening at Quel Fantastico Giovedì: good food, quality wines recommended by the sommelier, and very good quality / price ratio.

Day 2

  • Breakfast at the Pasticceria Europa, 50 metres from the Bed&Bike. To taste absolutely “cannoncini with cream”.
  • Visit to the residenza gentilizia Marfisa d’Este, adjacent to the Palazzo Bonacossi. Marfisa D'este lived there in the Sixteenth century and still today you can admire the refined rooms and elegant gardens where you gathered the aristocracy of the city.
  • Lunch to be Cotto e Mangiato in Viale Cavour.
  • Visit to the Palazzo Bonacossi, the sixteenth-century complex. Its high tower is home to a large museum circuit that involves the near Schifanoia Palace and the Palazzina of Marfisa d'este. Together form the Museo Civico d'arte Antica, one of the places to visit the most interesting.
  • Dinner from the Cucina Bacilieri discover dishes from the combinations of unexpected flavour, and is surprisingly top.

Day 3

  • Breakfast at the Caffè del Corso. Located 50 meters from the Bed&Bike, offers the best "ricciolina" of the city.
  • Guided tour of the Jewish Ghetto of Ferrara.
    A walk of about 3 hours, which ends with the visit to the Jewish Cemetery still in use by the community.
  • Departure and return home not before you have purchased a cabaret of pies macaroni pudding as a souvenir of your trip.

My 5 days in Ferrara

Between taste and history

Day 1

  • Breakfast at the Pasticceria Roverella, 100 meters from the Bed&Bike. It is one of the historical pastry shops of the city.
  • Visit to the Estense Castle with its stop at the Caffetteria del Castello located on the first floor of the monument. You will find yourself in a prestigious frescoed dining room where you can admire the extraordinary view of Corso Ercole I d'este, one of the most beautiful roads in Europe.
  • Lunch break from Farina del mio sacco: tigelle, crescentine, cold cuts in a young and informal. The price/quality ratio is very good.
  • Visit to the Cathedral of St. George the Martyr. The people of Ferrara call it a Cathedral as it is the main place of worship of the city. The white marble with which it is built bears the signs of all the historical epochs in which Ferrara has passed through in the course of the centuries. The renaissance tower, the work of Leon Battista Alberti, it was left unfinished.
  • Evening at the Torrione Jazz Club, located within a bastion of the renaissance.

Day 2

  • Breakfast at the Caffè Europa, at 50 meters from the Bed&Bike. This is another historical place of the city . Sit back and sample a “placket cream” with a number greater than three.
  • Around the Massari Park to admire the trees: in addition to the two Cedars of Lebanon at the entrance, some of the rates, an imposing ginkgo, and the gigantic oak at the entrance of Corso Ercole I d'este.
  • Visit to theBotanical Garden of the University of Ferrara which is located in front of the Parco Massari. The Garden houses a herbarium with dried plants that testify to the close ties between the city, the University of the Este family and the plant Science.
  • Lunch at Zazie: to enjoy the small, but very nice. Delicious soups of the day, smoothies, biscuits.
  • Afternoon in the freedom to get lost among the picturesque villages of ferrara. Evening at the Municipal Theater for a performance in dance or drama.

Day 3

  • Breakfast at the Caffè del Corso, 50 metres from the Bed&Bike. Here you will find the best “ricciolina” that you can eat. Try it to believe it.
  • A walk in Via delle Volte, so named because of the arches and of the suspended passages that characterize it. With a length of nearly 2 kilometres, this is one of the places in the city where it seems that time has stood still really. Choose the section you prefer, and soak up the medieval charm.
  • Visit to the national archaeological Museum with the treasures that belong to the necropolis of Spina. In addition to the reconstruction of the tombs, it is possible to see the vessels of origin of the attic as well as the beautiful jewels in gold and amber, which bear witness to the richness of the city of Spina before and after the advent of the roman empire.
  • Lunch at the Piaceri di Lucrezia: a guarantee of tradition and quality.
  • Tour of the medieval city walls by bike: 14 km with fabulous views .
  • Concert in the Palazzo Bonacossi: the chamber music concerts organized by the Conservatory of Frescobaldi of Ferrara.

Day 4

  • Breakfast all’Antico Caffè approximately 200 metres from the Bed&Bike. Walk to Corso Ercole I d'este, from the Castle to the Port of the Angels.
  • For the street a must-see stop is at the magnificent Palazzo dei Diamanti, one of the symbols of the city and the centre of the addizione Erculea. Unique in the world, the Palazzo dei Diamanti is one of the glories of Ferrara, and they are also great exhibitions, both temporary ones and those of the national gallery
  • Dining atEnoteca Tre Pennelli: sandwiches accompanied by excellent wines. The environment is a bit retro as the managers. A few things, but of quality.
  • Walk to Villa Melchiorri. If you are a lover of the art nouveau style, the villa can not leave you indifferent: it is to remain totally intact.
  • Evening Lemokò for an adventure of taste in the old lemon house transformed into a workshop of flavors. Particularly suited to romantic evenings and particular experiences.

Day 5

  • Breakfast at the Pasticceria Roverella, 100 metres from the Bed&Bike.
  • Visit to the church of Santa Maria in Vado. With paintings of a very important of Bononi, is a breathtaking church with its beauty and solemnity. The stage of the miracle of the host which bled and built over the ancient chapel where the travellers thanked the ford of the river Po, the church is immersed in the peace: take a dip without fear.
  • Visit to the old Jewish Ghetto, even better if accompanied by a guide. An experience to be done to understand the places and the situations of a community that has lived and influenced so much in the life of the city .
  • Lunch at the forno Cappelli with local products including fresh pasta the local. The place is small and spartan, but quality for a quick lunch. Excellent, cappellacci with pumpkin, honest price.
  • Visit to Meis with the permanent exhibition "the Jews, a history of Italian. The first thousand years". The Meis talks about the experience of Italian judaism, describing how it is formed and developed in the peninsula from the roman age to the middle Ages.
  • The evening at the gates of Ferrara at the’Agriturismo la Bozzola , where you can try the salamina da sugo in all its forms.

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